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Happy new year!

Best wishes for 2011 to all divers and divettes and the rest of mankind!

Sorry for being late, but the computerbug hit us again. so to make up for it I have to make a bigger blogentry now. We from East Coast diving have been busy for the Christmas season, and there is a new agent (W\annaDive) who is filling up the afternoon dives. They do a really good job so the East Coast team makes long days. We are also training new divemasters/captains for the next year. We mentioned Ruan already but also Fred is joining us. He is basically doing the afternoon dives but will be trained for boat captain as well. This starts mid january 2011. Also the animals we are so fond of are still here. We see a lot of turtles retuning from their journey so Funchi's Reef is very much alive. The eagleray are a bit less in numbers but the stingray count is up. There is a pattern in it so within a month I believe the eaglerays will be back with us. Well this is the first blog for 2011 but I am sure there will be more. I als try to let the others get involved in this activity so there will be more writers and opinions.

Well, this is it for now! Greets from the East Coast Diving team

Posted by Ger on 2011-01-06