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First day

After diving the west side of Bonaire for about 6 months I was ready for some different diving. I slowly made my plans to leave the island until I got the opportunity to get a job at Bonaire East Coast Diving.

So my first day...... was a brilliant day, very nice group and super dives. First dive we saw over 15 spotted eaglerays, quite a few turtles, queen triggerfish and lots more. The second dive we saw 5 big green morays, scorpionfish, and over 20 turtles. One of them had 2 ramoras on his back and in the background I saw at least 7 different turtles at the same time, it was just crazy!

To make a long story short, I really enjoyed my first day and I hope many will follow!

Posted by Bas Geurts van Kessel on 2009-11-12


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