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East Coast diving, a great experience for everybody

We had 2 very nice dives again. Altough the visibility could have been a little better today we still saw 5 eaglerays and some really big turtles on the first dive. It seems as if the green turtles has already started their migration because we see mostly hawksbill turtles at the moment. On the second dive we saw a load of tarpons, some green morays, conch shells and again some turtles. A few off the turtles actually seemed to be more curious than us because they approached us very closely. The best thing to do in that case is to stop moving and let them come closer so you can enjoy them for a longer time and very close.

Some of our guests today were afraid that they weren't quite experienced enough to dive the East Coast but everybody who has an open water certificate can join us and he or she will find out that it's a lot easier than most people think. We mainly do drift dives so you don't have to swim into the current and the boat will be waiting to pick you up wherever the dive ends, just brilliant and really easy!!!!!

Posted by Bas on 2010-07-01