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Early birds

Sometimes East Coast divers have special requests. When possible we try to accommodate of course, although we may have to put some extra effort into realising the special wishes. Today the special request was to start an hour early, at 7 AM instead of the usual 8 AM. Getting up an hour earlier than the usual 6 o'clock was not a problem (??? yes, sometimes I tell a little white lie) Everybody was on time and we were on the reef before 7.30 AM. Unfortunately the Eagle Rays and the Turtles were on Caribbean time today. For the first time we did not see any of these species on the first dive. To make up for it, we saw a huge Tiger Grouper, an adult Green Moray, big Rainbow Parrots and a Spotted Lobster as specials on this dive.

When we got to the White Hole everything was back to normal again. All the usual stuff was there. Black Grouper, Cubera Snapper, Green Moray Eels, tons of Tarpon, Baracuda, Queen Conch, it was all there, and more... A big Eagle Ray was looking for breakfast at the sandy bottom of the Hole. The missing turtles came at the end of the dive, green ones. And just before we got up, another Eagle Ray glided by below us. Yet another group of divers can tell about the splendour of the East Coast.

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-07-18


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