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Eagle rays unlimited

Today was one of those days that every diver dreams of. We had a small group, Dave from Holland and Daniella and Jeremias from Sao Paulo Brasil. Luckily Jerimias brought a camera which he used like an automatic rifle. As soon as we went down at Funchi's a big southern stingray passed us at about 90 feet deep. Then a huge eagle ray which we all thought was a manta at first because of the size and the distance, but I'm pretty sure it was a giant eagleray. Then it started: 12 eagle rays, 2 turtles, 3 eagle rays, 20(!) eagle rays and on and on, we must have seen about 50, they were everywhere. The second dive was also great, lots of tarpon aprox. 100 in the White Hole and also morays and conch. On our way back over the reef, through the gardens of gorgonians, we saw about 8 turtles. What a day!

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