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Although the majority of our divers were Dutch speakers, I write this blog in English because of Cindy. You should know by now, Cindy, after being with a Dutch guy for 10 years, that just knowing how to say "goede morgen" is not enough. When you come to dive the East Coast again next year, as you promised you would, I expect you to be able to read this blog in Dutch :-)

We had a double program today, two dives in the morning and one in the afternoon. For those of you who think that you see more on morning dives, I must admit that you are absolutely right. Sometimes that is. But mind you, there is no guarantee that the afternoon dive is not as good as the morning dives. Today I did not mind at all that Ger had the morning and I had the afternoon. OK, Ger saw the rare Hogfish on the first dive, but our Eagle rays came nicely close and the big green turtle only left his hiding when we were right on top of him. The smaller Hawsbill did not seem to mind us at all and posed nicely for the cameras. Two big Green Moray Eels and an old big Baracuda compensated for the rare Hogfish.

The competition is on. Ger is looking over my shoulder while I am writing and tells me on his second dive he had an Eagle Ray at close range too, in the Hole. And a couple of turtles when he went out. I do not think that counts. Do you?

Posted by Wietze Koopman on 2009-07-31


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