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Diving is a strange industry - No show...

Hello all dvingbuddies

This time I will not talk about diving to much, but I will let you in on some things that are also involved in diving. Our day starts with loading up the truck and check if there are changes in the bookings. The, we drive to where the boat is parked. We check the boat, inflate the tubes, load on the tanks and finally put our stuff on board. Then we hook up the car and drive to Sorobon, were we put the boat in the water. Well, this is all hard work. So now I come to the issue of customers. Almost all of them show up. But sometimes it happens that nobody shows up. Like yesterday. we had only 3 guests but when they do not come to dive, It means that we still have gone to Sorobon and prepared everything. So please, when for whatever reason you can"t come, let us know!

Greetz Bas and Ger

Posted by on 2010-05-23