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Hello divers / divettes

Today we had some VIPS on the boat, one couple from France and the other from Brazil. So we did all our talking in English to make sure they would understand. Well, it went like always, good dives with people that are totally in love with East Coast Diving. All was said, from 'perfect boat' till 'nice and professional crew', but most of all 'these were very cool nice super dives'! If we can impress professional dive journalists it gives us a good feeling, and for you it is a great way to read about us in divemagazines. W hope to see you all diving with us soon!

Greets Bas & Ger

Posted by Ger on 2010-09-06

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Hi, I am one of these guys, a brazilian photo journalist and uw photo instructor. Was a very nice experience, the crew is very kind and professional. I have some very interesting pictures and very soon I will send them to the East Coast Diving Team. The last minutes fo the second dive were the most fantastic; we had an amazing experience with an young hawksbill turtle, it was so interactive as a young dog! For all divers that visit Bonaire, a great and different experience!
Ary Amarante, www.pomacanthus.com.br, Brasil
by Ary Amarante on 2010-09-10