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Dive guide's competion - which dive is better?

This morning actually did not start out very well. Ger woke me up by phone because he forgot to tell me we had a tour this morning. Within ten minutes, we were in the car driving to Sorobon. After fuelling the truck, we drove to the pier to launch the boat in the water. Fortunately, not all divers were strictly on time, which gave us the opportunity to get everything ready with no hurry. Ger was doing the first dive and after the briefing, all divers prepared for Funchie's reef. Unfortunately, one diver did not close his camera housing so he had to surface again. With a little manouvering the boat was at his side and he gave the camera to me. The diver continued his dive to Funchie's without his camera.
After 55 minutes, Ger surfaced and the fist thing he said was: "Hah! You try to top this dive!" I asked him what they saw. About 15 eagle rays, 5 stingrays, 3 large moray eals and 10 turtles!
After bringing the divers back to Sorobon during the surface interval, it was my turn to go diving. We were doing the White Hole and I told our guests that we could not give any guarantees about what and what not to see in there. We entered the North side of the Hole and counted a total of 77 tarpon. Not bad for a Monday morning! After the Hole I tried to keep right to Turtle City, but the current was too strong. So we went in the other direction with the current instead of against it. I thought I spotted a Moray eal, so I approached it slowly. When I got closer, I noticed what it really was: a Nurse Shark of about 3 meters (9 feet) long. My divers got great pictures of it! About 20 meters away from the first shark, we got lucky again: another one, and just before the end of the dive, we spotted number three, one of about 1 meter long (3 feet). This dive was totally perfect.
So sorry Ger, my dive was better than yours...

Posted by Hans on 2011-10-10