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Curious about the videos

Today we went with 4 guests: Suzy, Bas, Bob and Gabe. The weather was perfect and we got to our destination in no-time, which was very much appreciated by Suzy. On our first dive, we saw two turtles in the first 2 minutes and then 25 minutes of nothing. Then it happened, a group of 8 eagle rays was checking us out in front of us and after a while they decided we were harmpless and passed us. After that first group, it didn't stop: 5, 3, 4, etcetc. Gabe, who was only 13, turned out to have gills, a very good diver who doesn't use any air. The second dive, we did the Blue Hole which was full of life also. Very special was the barracuda who was getting cleaned vertically for at least 5 minutes, I think Bas made a good video of it. After our dives, Bob invited us for a drink and a sandwich.

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