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Computers? First blog this week...

Hello divers and divettes,

This is the first blog this week. We have been diving, but writing about it on the Web is depending on computers. Well, at home the connection with the provider is not at all good (rain makes it go offline) and at the office the computer itself had a minor problem. And I (Ger) am not very good with computers, so repairs have to wait on a expert. Now about the diving, this week the viz is down but the turtles and rays are up. On the dive today I spotted 4 turtles and 9 eagle rays. We also had a stingray posing for us. The Hole was for Michael. That was a "normal" East Coast dive: morays, turtles, tarpon and stuff like that. All in all just great dives on a cool boat. Hope to see you all soon!

Michael & Ger

Posted by Ger on 2010-09-22