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Two dives two times happy crew

Hey divers from all over,

Eight divers (me included) had two totally different but good dives. First Funchi. That was again a dive with all kinds of gifts from the sea. We had turtles, rays, big baracuda and green morays. There was never a dull moment - It was just how diving should be (and often is). The second dive was the Hole. So i talked about the amount of turtles in the fan coral and the tarpons in the Hole, maby a shark or some other creatures. Just like always. Well we where in for a surprise. Tarpons yes, green morays yes, but no schools of fish on the top of the reef. Okay, I thought: lets go to the turtles. But there were no turtles. At our first look in a litlle hole we discoverd a little nurse shark. YES, diving was good again. Still we saw hardly any turtles - well only one came by. In the next litlle bit bigger hole we saw a monster like two big nurse sharks in one dive: that is a total gift from the sea.

Two dives and a happy crew. Greetz Ger

Posted by ger on 2010-04-08


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