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Stingrays do it on the bottom

Absolutely brilliant dives. My first dives at the East Coast of the new year and we weren`t disappointed. On the first dive we went to Fungi's Reef. As soon as we jumped off the boat and went down, we spotted two very large southern stingrays doin the dirty thing (never seen that before). By the looks of things, that stinger doesn`t get in the way. After that we spotted a couple of eagle rays coming by (and they kept on coming). The first turtle showed its face halfway into the dive and they kept on coming too. Dive two was at the White Hole and as usual the tarpons were there in full force. Mixed with a couple of green morays and to top it all off: a good bunch of turtles on the way over the platform. Guests happy me happy!


Posted by Rob on 2010-03-10


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