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Bad viz rough waters - Hans his 'maiden voyage'

Hello divers and divettes,

We have a new crewmember. His name is Hans and he is the new upcoming divemaster. Every time we train a new staff member we always are tense about his performance in rough water. In the past we had seasickness to consider. Well, Hans was too busy and too wet to think about getting seasick. He is absolutely getting his sealegs. Today was rough and he handled it perfectly. He got wet and endured a bit of discomfort, but he was all smilles when the day was done. The bad visibility was also something he never had to work with before, but that too was overcome by him. He was able to keep the group close together and they saw a lot of rays and turtles, so he was very happy. Also the divers where extremely happy - one of them was just starting to dive. Less than 10 dives would normally give you the shivers, but she did great. So the lesson is clear: experience is good, but the will to perform is better. We hope to see all divers on the East Side soon for a great dive (or two).

Greetz Ger and Hans

Posted by on 2011-08-12