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All right, we failed - Now I do the blog again

Hello divers / divettes,

We had a very busy period, and basically we all agreed to do the blog, taking turns. That resulted in everybody thinking that somebody else would do it and in the end, nobody actually did this little task. So now I'll do it. First: I have to make a compliment to the novice divers from today. The sea was pretty rough and some of them had doubts about going out. They decided to go and had a great time on the East Side! The turtles and rays were all there. We saw black groupers, cubara snappers and a couple of big rainbow parrots which were also part of the fun. And the divers were pleasantly suprised with getting back on the boat in such rough waters, which went extremely easy. We might see them again later this week and hopefully others will come to the East Side too. Due to the weather the Hole is not great at the moment, so instead we dove the South side of Funchi's. After 30 turtles I stopped counting. It was great, nobody was even thinking about the Hole anymore when we got back on the boat. Everyone had that special East Coast smile on their faces! That's it for now, I'll talk to you later.

Greetz from the BECD team

Posted by Ger on 2011-06-12