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10 for the price of 9!

Today we had 10 repeating customers from last year. They came back because they experienced last year that the best dive sites on Bonaire are on the East Coast of the island! And if you do it by boat it's not hard at all. If you have finished your open water course, you're very welcome to join us and you'll see that it's very easy going.
If you bring 10 divers (including yourself) you only have to pay for 9! Today we saw several rays again, mainly spotted eaglerays. At one point we saw four of them passing us in formation. No matter how often I see it, it still blows my mind and I enjoy it just as much as the first time I saw them. We also saw heaps of turtles (in total about 25 or so), Green morays, a pretty good sized lobster and so on. It was a brilliant diving day again.

Diving the East Coast of Bonaire really completes your diving trip. It's like a brilliant dessert after a good meal.

Posted by Bas on 2011-07-19