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STINAPA, National Parks Foundation on Bonaire
Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA Bonaire) is a non-governmental, not for profit foundation commissioned by the island government to manage the two protected areas of Bonaire: the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) and the Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP).

Bonaire National Marine Park
The Bonaire National Marine Park was established in 1979. The Park starts at the high water mark and extends to 200 ft (60 meters) of depth; it covers an area of 6672 acres, or 27 km2.

Washington Slagbaai National Park
Washington Slagbaai National Park is the first nature sanctuary of the Netherland Antilles. It was established in 1969 and covers an area of 5.643 hectares.

Adopt a Conch!
The Adopt a Conch! program is developed to advance and support the ongoing Queen Conch Restoration project. They aim to provide practical tools to both increase the Conch awareness with Lac Bay/Bonaire visitors and protect the Conch from accidental damage and poaching.

Dierenasiel (Animal Shelter) Bonaire
Bonaire Animal Shelter is a refuge for dogs and cats on Bonaire.

Bonny the Superdog Sterilization Project
Sterilization project of the Animal Shelter Bonaire, Dutch Antilles