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Activities on Bonaire

Bonaire's own AeroClub - flight lessons, plane rental, flightseeing, aerial photography.

Outdoor Bonaire
Outdoor Bonaire offers you great caving adventure, cross island bike ride, full moon naturewalk, kunuku hike, indian inscriptions, mangrove kayaking and more.

Mangrove Info Center
The Mangrove Information Center offers guided kayak and solar boat tours through the beautiful mangrove forest of Lac Bay on Bonaire's western coastline.

Bonaire Windsurf Place
Bonaire's top shop is world-famous Bonaire Windsurf Place, located on the windward side of the island known as Sorobon, at Lac Bay.

Jibe City
Jibe City is a very relaxed and laid back windsurf center on the east coast.

Glass bottom boat
Experience our glass bottom boat tours in the Bonaire National Marinepark. Be fascinated as you look into a window of another world. Our 32-foot glass bottom boat, gives guests an incomparable view of the underwater world of the Bonaire National Marine Park. Just sit back on our comfortable seats and enjoy this narrated eco tour of one of the best preserved and protected reefs of the world. For your added comfort, the boat provides shadow for everybody.